Call for a Nationwide School and University Strike Against Racism on April 27th!

For more than a year, PEGIDA and its local branches have now been mobilizing tens of thousands of racists week by week. There are daily attacks on refugees and their shelters. Racist mobs like those of Heidenau, Freital or Clausnitz can act without any resistance, while more and more racist “neighbourhood watches” were founded since the beginning of 2016. The foundations of this shift to the right were laid by the German state and its bourgeois parties. Every six months, more restrictive migration laws are passed by the Bundestag. Step by step, the Grand Coalition (consisting of the two major parties CDU and SPD) is following each and every demand of the AfD. Consequentially, the opposition parties in the parliament move to the right, themselves. Wage labourers and refugees are played off against each other. The competition between workers, pupils, students and refugees is actively fuelled by cuts in social spending. Meanwhile, Fortress Europe is consistently reinforced. Walls are built at its surrounding borders, while border controls are set up within the EU. Deals are made with dictators and corrupt politicians, to keep as many refugees as possible out of Europe. But the root cause of flight and migration is almost never mentioned: With massive arms exports to other countries and military interventions like in Kosovo, Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, the German government has itself a significant part in causing misery and flight. The latest example is Germany’s deal with Turkey’s President Erdogan. While he is ’securing‘ the European border, Germany sends weapons to Turkey, which are then used against the Kurds.
We are decidedly speaking out against the massacres in northern Kurdistan and express our solidarity with the Kurdish people! This is only one example of how the enforcement of economic interest by strong industrialized countries is causing poverty, war, and crisis, which in turn force many people to flee their homes. Those, who manage to put their feet on European soil are not welcomed peacefully but confronted with police brutality, racist oppression, highly inefficient and discriminatory bureaucracy, as well as with accommodation in camps, no possibility to work and exclusion from a normal life. That’s why we fight for open borders, full civil rights for everyone, and decentralized accommodation instead of the construction of inhumane camps! We cannot and will not remain passive any longer in the face of the recent racist and far-right mobilization! We, the nationwide alliance “Youth against Racism”, want to break the regional isolation to form an anti-racist movement of young people, pupils, students, refugees, workers, and unemployed persons as well as unions, social initiatives, and left groups within the SPD and Linkspartei (Left Party). Only when we act nationwide, we can influence the current situation.
As a starting point for an anti-racist youth movement, we call for a nationwide school and university strike against racism on April 27!
We encourage and support you, to take this struggle to your respective institutions of education – to schools and universities. As young people we are directly affected by the reactionary movement. Racism and militarism affect all of us – through classmates who live in fear of deportation, through discrimination at school, university or at our workplace. At the same time, AfD and the Bundeswehr can spread their propaganda unopposed at schools!
Form grass-roots committees, organize assemblies and events and mobilize for the school and university strike – and beyond! Discuss and denounce the racist policies of the German government, the AfD, etc. If we as youth, workers and migrants don’t want to see our rights diminished and don’t want to live in fear that we or our relatives die in war or other violent attacks, we need to organize ourselves against the plans of the imperialists!

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